Ultimate Bike Fit London

London Ultimate Bike Fit

London, England

In collaboration with Pearson Performance, our London partner, Livelo is very excited to offer visitors to London the opportunity to visit our Richmond Park location to experience the best bike fitting service in London. This is a fine opportunity to enjoy a high-quality cycling service if you don't have time to get out for an actual ride.

A session on our bike-fitting jig will generate a series of precise measurements, which we then supply to you with an extensive report. A proper fit reduces the chances of buying the wrong bike, provides greater cycling comfort and efficiency and also prevents injury. A range of bike-fitting options is available, depending on your budget and requirements.

Consultation ✓
Physical examination ✓
Foot stabilisation & cleat positioning ✓
Correct saddle size and shape ✓
Motion capture video analysis ✓
Spin scan pedal stroke analysis ✓
Optimal riding position, aerodynamic & performance gain ✓
Off the bike strength and mobility guide ✓
Race / Sportive preparation with nutritional guidance ✓
Post Fit bike setup (1 Bike) ✓
6 week follow up ✓
Full Pearson Bike Fit report ✓

Option to add ride experience with your bike fitter with an on-bike field analysis. Just add a 2 hour guided ride with your London Ultimate Bike Fit booking.