Road Bike Rental - Santa Barbara, United States

Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29

Santa Barbara, United States

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Road Bike Rental Santa Barbara

Livelo provides you with the perfect opportunity to rent a high-performance Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29 in Santa Barbara.

Specialized design goal for the new Stumpjumper was simple—build the ultimate trail bike, one that feels telepathic. And it turns out that this feeling all comes down to stiffness. Specialized realized when the frame's telling your hands one thing and your feet another, your brain gets confused with the imbalance and the bike feels unstable. In order to fix this, Specialized had to get to work on dialing-in the materials, shapes, and the layout.

The suspension performance is highly dependent on frame, wheel, and rider size, so they use their Rx Tune to get each bike to land in the middle of the adjustment spectrum, and this gives you the biggest possible range to fine-tune your ride. Another focal point of the tune was matching the suspension characteristics between wheel sizes—they developed a specific Rx Tune for each platform. So, no matter what wheel size you prefer, you'll get perfectly linear suspension.