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Los Angeles

The Hollywood Hills are the must ride, but there are many great routes in L.A. Our high-quality bikes and delivery make it easy to ride.

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New Jersey

The Parks and river-fronts offer great options for visitors to Jersey City to enjoy a high quality ride on a beautiful Bianchi road bike.

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New York City

From Central Park circuits to loops of Manhattan and 100 mile rides along the Hudson River, there is great cycling to experience in NYC.

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Palo Alto

Palo Alto is startup central. Stanford, Menlo Park and the storied firms of Sandhill Rd. Take your pitch deck and enjoy your ride.

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San Diego

Enjoy this iconic southern California location on a high quality road bike. Our delivery service makes you stay in San Diego easy.

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San Francisco

There are so many great rides to enjoy in San Francisco. Livelo makes the experience easy with high-performance bikes and hotel delivery.

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San Jose

Cycling and Silicon Valley go way back. Explore the scenic routes of San Jose and you'll discover why.

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San Mateo

Rent a Trek road bike in San Mateo. We’ll set your bike up to your measurements and deliver it to your hotel with the accessories you need.

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Santa Barbara

California dreaming! The best way to enjoy Santa Barbara is by bike. We have the best road bikes in town and free hotel delivery.

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Santa Monica

Whether it's the beaches or the hills, Santa Monica has it all, in style. Livelo has bikes and the delivery service to make it happen for yo

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Thousand Oaks

Rent a road bike in Thousand Oaks and Malibu. Collect from our location near Agora Hills or have your bike delivered to your hotel.

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